Audrey’s sick of this disgusting coffee. She’s been coming to this coffee shop for a week now and sitting for an hour at a time on the sidewalk drinking the most horrible coffee she’s ever tasted. The owner’s now excited whenever he sees her thinking he has a loyal customer and he’s such a nice, old man. She feels horrible pretending to like his “affront to God.”

In reality, Audrey keeps coming back for the florist across the street. He’s got the most wonderful smile, the warmest eyes, and “an upper body like those flowers weigh 10 pounds each.” She is smitten. Of course, she’s never actually talked to him or come within 10 feet of him, but he is clearly “[her] future husband and father of [her] children.”

At one point, as Audrey stares at him from across the street, he looks up and sees her. She almost spits out her coffee rushing to grab her phone and pretend like she was doing something important. “Oh my God, oh my God, I’m such an idiot!” She starts typing random words on her phone for a minute until she calms down, then discreetly looks back toward the flower shop. He’s nowhere to be seen.

“Oh God, what am I doing, I gotta get out of he-“ and that’s when Audrey’s thoughts are interrupted by a friendly “hey,” and Audrey jumps up and squeezes the coffee cup in her hand as hard as she can. As she turns around, she sees the florist holding some flowers covered in coffee. “Uhm, I was gonna say that you look like a lilies girl, but I guess they’re not really your style, huh?”

This is one of many short stories I’ve been writing for Teodora’s drawings ever since she said she was bad at writing descriptions for them. I thought I’d enjoy helping her and trying to write something different than I was used to. I’d never collaborated creatively with anyone on anything before Teodora and I love the purpose she’s added to my writing and how she challenges me with each drawing.

Do you find Audrey relatable? We’ve all acted like idiots in front of people we liked, right? Right? 👀

For more wonderful drawings, follow Teodora on Instagram @teoctobart. You can also buy her a coffee on her Ko-fi page.

For more stories, she’s got her own tag here.

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