[FRAGMENT] #102 – Still Over My Heart

– You promised you wouldn’t write about us!
– And you promised you’d always love me. I’m sorry, is you breaking me an inconvenience for you? This is me coping with all your lies and broken promises, with what YOU did!
– That’s not fair!
– You don’t get to fucking tell me what’s fair, alright? You don’t ever talk to me about fair, ok? Don’t you fucking dare tell me about what’s fair!
– Jesus Christ, how long are you going to hold it over my head, I’ve apologi-
– For-fucking-ever, Dana! For as long as it takes me to be normal again, that’s how long. Until I stop thinking about what you did every time I meet someone I like. I am going to hold it over your head for as long as it’s still over my heart.


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