[FRAGMENT] #163 – Miracle Kisses

– I could kiss you, make it better.
– If only kisses were any good at healing…
– But they are. You’re a doctor, so you heal the world with science and medicine. As a doctor, you may not find kisses to be very effective medicine. Me, I’m not as fortunate as you are. I don’t have all the knowledge that you do to help people. All I have to offer is love, so I try to make do. So when I say that kisses can heal, trust me. That’s my expert opinion. Kisses can save lives. They may not heal the same wounds that you can with your medicine, but if they’re from the right person, at the right time, kisses can perform miracles that no medicine ever could.
– That’s very sweet, and you know I like it when you get all romantic, but I’m not in the mood right now. I have yet to hear of any miracle kisses.
– But sweetheart, of course you have. It was February 18th when we first kissed and that kiss certainly saved me. It saved me from the hopeless pit I had dug for myself. It saved me from thinking I would never find someone who could make me feel the way you do. It saved my heart from going to waste and every single kiss we’ve shared since then has been a miracle kiss. There’s no medicine in the world that can do for me everything you do whenever our lips touch.
– I both love and hate that you always know what to say to make me feel better.
– I could do a lot more than just say things. I’m a doctor too you know, they call me Dr. Love, maybe you’ve heard of me.
– We were having a nice moment, don’t ruin it. I can’t, I have to finish this article by tonight.
– Shut up and give me another one of those miracle kisses.


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