[FRAGMENT] #83 – I Didn’t Come Here to Fuck You

– Please tell me you’ve got a condom this time.
– [frowning] I didn’t come here to fuck you. I came here for Alice, Alice the person – he presses his index against fer forehead. Because I like Alice as a person and I like spending time with her. Sure, I think she’s a beautiful girl with an amazing body, and as it so happens I do want to fuck her, but that’s neither here nor there. That’s not why I came here. So no, I don’t have a condom.
– You’re so annoying…
– At the same time, there is something that’s holding me back.
– What is it?
– If I fucked you, I don’t think that’d be enough, and I think I’d want more from you.
– What would you want?
– I’d want you in ways that transcend physicality, and I don’t know that you’d want me the same way.
– Then ask me.
– Ask you what?
– You don’t know what I’d want. Ask me.
– Alright, what would you want from me afterward?
– I’d want you to hold me, to kiss me, to keep me warm.
– I’d do that anyway, but would you want that again tomorrow? The day after? Next week and the week after that?
– Yes.
– Oh, ok, I wasn’t expecting… I wasn’t expecting such a quick answer. You understand what I’m asking, right? You don’t need time to think about this?
– I understand, and who says I haven’t been thinking about it?
– I see.
– Now, while I can appreciate that we’re having a cute moment here, I really want that dick inside me now.
– Good thing I brought condoms.
– …
– You didn’t really believe I’d come here not hoping to have sex with you, did you?


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