Her Roses

She loved roses, so I went and bought rose seeds to plant in our garden and grow some just for her. She was ecstatic when I told her about it and said she couldn’t wait for them to grow so I can bring her roses every day.

I grew her roses in our garden while she, in time, grew bitter, angrier, so she filled the garden with snakes. Ten bites for every rose I picked for her, but that didn’t matter as long as she smiled when I handed it to her. It was the only thing that made her smile anymore.

As time went on, she became even angrier and kept filling the garden with more snakes, each more venomous than the last. I picked more and more roses as she became less and less impressed with them.

Grander bouquets, more bites, more venom, less smiles. Soon enough I could barely stand on my feet and one day I went to pick her roses from our garden, like I would every day, but I just couldn’t take the bites and the venom anymore. I fell to the ground and I never got back up. She left and didn’t even notice me lying there lifeless in our garden.

Time passed and she never called again or checked up on me. My body began decaying and eventually the ground swallowed me and used my remains to grow roses. Her roses, that she’ll never care about again.

Even in death, I’m still growing her roses.

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