I Had a Dream About You

Written at 4 in the morning, when my brain usually starts to sizzle, because sleeping like a normal person is so lame.


I Had a Dream About You

I had a dream about you; about us. We were in love and sitting in the park, next to the lake where we used to meet and talk for hours.

In my dream, you were telling me about how much you’ve started to love painting. You joked about how you should paint a nude portrait of me. I laughed and said I just might let you. You smiled and it looked every bit as beautiful as I remember it. I never did get over your smile; it haunts me, still. Your smile could wage wars and move mountains in an instant. I wish I still had that photo of you, the one I used to carry in my wallet. Seeing your picture always made everything else fade away, with no exception, no matter what. Your eyes could light up my darkest days and pull me out of my deepest holes. You were truly a being of unparalleled beauty, the kind that sticks to your heart and stays there for the rest of your life, like a scar that never heals, nor would you ever want it to. And here you are, still attached to mine, like an unwelcome parasite that I have to live with forever, a parasite which I’m not sure I want removed, yet I also despise more than anything.

I remember the clouds in your eyes as you lay on the grass next to me in my dream. You laugh and you ask me to stop staring like a doofus. Your voice sends shivers down my spine and cuts me off from reality for a moment. Some of the most pleasantly mesmerizing sounds I’ve ever heard have come out of your mouth. Every time you laughed, I would feel like I should be honored to be present for such a divine symphony, like it was a privilege. You asked me to come closer. You gently put your fingers through my hair and looked straight through my eyes and into my soul. You smiled and slowly pulled me closer. Angels would die for those lips, and there I was, a mere mortal, about to feel their warmth upon my own. As soon as our lips touched, I woke up.

We were still in love, just not with each other.

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