‘Why,’ she screamed with her heart racing. He pushed his hands against the door behind her and leaned forward with an evil smirk on his face. ‘How dare you,’ he uttered grinding his teeth. She turned her head away from him and closed her eyes in fear. He frowned and punched the door behind her with great force, as she gasped in despair. ‘Look at me,’ he yelled, grabbing her by the jaw and facing her toward him. As their eyes met, fury and hatred bled out of his eyes, piercing her like a thousand needles.

‘Gaze upon thy creation, you selfish whore,’ he yelled once more with a wrath unseen before.

He stared through her eyes and into her soul, clenched his fists against the door and kissed her with a burning passion. ‘What, don’t you recognize me?’ he whispered, softly touching her ear with his lips. He removed his hands and loudly banged his fists on the door behind her, causing her to tremble in fear and shriek in horror. ‘I WILL hurt you,’ he said quietly, barely containing the darkness within him. ‘Believe me, it’s a promise.’ He removed his hands once more, but this time he backed off. ‘Leave,’ he commanded her. With no hesitation, she opened the door and ran off in a hurry, gasping for air. With great calm, he pulled out a cigarette from his shirt’s pocket, smiled pleased and proceeded to smoke away his sanity, hands shaking and eyes twitching.

‘You turned my world upside down,’ he said to the empty room, ‘now I’ll burn yours.’

I wrote this in 2010. I had had enough. It took me 10 years to unclench my fists and stop grinding my teeth. I let it go once I stopped believing in Her. The devil. But she doesn’t like being forgotten, so she found a way to come back and sink her claws into my skull. But not for long. Not this time. You don’t know who I’ve become. What I can do now. I’m only letting you in so I can use you. Mark my words.

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