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  • Digging Up the Past

    There was nothing left for me there. I couldn’t stand there and celebrate the end of everything I had held so dear, it made me sick, so I left and that night I left everything and everyone behind. I didn’t know what to do with myself anymore. It was over,…

  • The Ties That Bind Us

    I’ve been meaning to write this for about three months now, but I never really felt ready for it. Now I have what I need. ______________________________________ The Ties That Bind Us He stared out at the city lights, contemplating everything and everyone he was leaving behind. He deeply regretted the…

  • Impossible

    I never really believed them. “Impossible,” I would tell them; “we’re different.” Then came that fateful November day, the day I realized our relationship would never quite be the same ever again. You proved them right.

  • Soulmates

    I don’t believe in soulmates per se, but I do believe in perfect compatibility between two or even more people, in some one-in-a-million cases. I don’t like how the term is perceived, though; when you hear of someone’s soulmate, you assume there’s a romantic relationship between the two. I believe…