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  • Biannual Encounters

    As the new year approaches, so does the first of our biannual “encounters”, so to speak. Strangers though we may be, I can’t help but feel a certain fondness towards you. Maybe this next time I’ll do more about it than just wish you a happy birthday. To what end,…

  • Nothing More Than an Illusion

    I cannot even begin to express how much I hate you. I hate you for turning out to be just a figment of my imagination. I hate you for every time I find myself missing you. I hate you for every night I fall asleep thinking of you. I hate…

  • Or Else

    I will come for you one day and I will take you with me. We will leave this place and go somewhere far away, where we will live together for the rest of our lives, just the two of us. We will be each other’s everything and we will be…

  • She Isn’t You

    She looks exactly like you. She has your eyes, your lips and smile; she has your hair, your nose, your ears and every other feature. She walks, talks and sounds exactly like you. But she isn’t you, and neither is she real. That’s why I love her.

  • No One Was There

    I lost you this morning. For the first time, I saw how it feels to truly lose you forever. Everyone was there. I started crying and I fell to my knees in despair. I kept saying how alone I was. Everyone was there, except for you.

  • The Story of Our Fucking Life Together

    Something I randomly came up with a year ago and only just now got around to writing it. ______________________________________ Our story begins at a fucking party. I’m fucking wasted and you’re fucking easy. Our eyes meet across the fucking room and I put my fucking moves on you for about…

  • All I Want

    All I want is to just walk up to you and tell you how pretty you are. I can’t, however, for fear that I might die. So for now, you’ll just have to deal with me staring at you. And staring. And staring. And sighing. Then staring some more.