The First Date

Things to do on my first date with the girl from poetry class:

  • comment on the weather.
  • go for the kiss – no, too soon.
  • compliment an item of clothing.
  • ask about favorite foods.
  • ask about favorite bands.
  • cat person or dog person?
  • go for the kiss – again? no, too soon.
  • disagree on at least one subject but no more than two.
  • tell a funny story.
  • show interest in her current occupation.
  • ask about hobbies.
  • reveal something personal.
  • ask to be in a relationship on Facebook – what, no, what’s wrong with you?!
  • tell an emotional story.
  • ask about favorite horror movie.
  • ignore for 5 minutes so as to seem confident.
  • declare undying love.

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