Year Two

dunnoToday is a special day here at Clueless Headquarters: it marks the second year anniversary of Dunno.

A blog I have on more than one occasion referred to as a playground for my mind, Dunno still fulfills a need which, like I said last year, I have yet to fully understand. Though the darker tone of some more recent posts may make it harder to call it a playground, I will continue to see it as one, nonetheless. All the other kids may be afraid to come near it, but I don’t care, more for me. Suckers! Yeah, that’s right! Run away, I don’t need you! I’ll be just fine here, by myself. All alone…

Anyway, as I was saying… What was I saying? Yeah, happy birthday to Dunno! I’m having so much fun! [shouts] You don’t know what you’re missing!


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