You Haven’t Lost Me

You say you can never be anything more, so you let go. Your tragedy goes unnoticed as the wind blows you toward oblivion and you purge every thought from your mind and every bit of hope from your heart.

But I notice.

I notice, and while reluctant to reach out again, I do. I reach out and open my hand to catch you. As your frail body falls in the palm of my hand, the warmth from my blood overwhelms you.

“Wait,” I say. I lift you closer to my lips. “You are already so much more than you think you are.” You look away in disbelief like you always do, like I knew you would. I smile and wrap you deeper inside my palm.

“I’ve been where you are and I’ve felt what you feel. I will keep you close and I will keep you safe until you are able to see what I see. I will be for you everything I learned I needed when no one was anything for me.”

You sigh.

“You may have lost hope, but you haven’t lost me.”

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