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  • Relentless

    So, let’s get right to it, shall we? Alright, let’s do this. IT: Ready, let’s go! You’ve been together for 10 years now, is that correct? Oh my god, it still shocks me when I hear it, I can’t believe it’s been so long. IT: That’s right, 10 years. *chuckles*…

  • The Pink Elephant

    The pink elephant sits quietly in the middle of the room, waiting, and waiting, and waiting. – Alright, this is ridiculous, I know you can see me, ok? Nothing. – I take up half the goddamn the room, I’m freakin’ pink, and I’m an elephant for chrissake, out of its…

  • And Soon Not Even That

    I knew then that it would end, that that was it; the last one I’d ever see. There was no cause for celebration, only mourning for who I was right then, for I’d not be there for much longer. I was on this world, but not of it; and soon…

  • A Place of Ruin

    “My playground,” I’d once say. A place to let loose, be free and play. A place where I’d go to see the colors extinct from my own life, to cry away the clouds and just spill my heart and soul. A place of ruin and decay.

  • Postpone

    It scares me deeply, the thought of it. Let me hold on to this nothingness for a while longer, for once gone, I will never live it again. It scares me deeply, the thought of living in the real world.

  • No Sooner

    The truth is you’re alone; you’re up there standing all alone. There’s no one there with you, no one to hold your hand. There is no comforting companion, it’s just you on that ledge, you and everything that brought you there: your regrets, your wrongdoings, your hopes and dreams, everything…