Cristian – The Short Tale of a Superhuman

Cristian was the eighth superhuman ever born; his superpower was love. He had an unmatched ability to love and he searched for someone to give that love to for his entire life.

He always fell in love with broken people as he subconsciously felt that they needed love the most. He learned the hard way that despite that possibly being true, broken minds can’t be healed by love, no matter how much he showered them with genuine affection. All his friends and his therapist told him to start putting himself first, but he never listened. Cristian still believed in his heart of hearts that there’s nothing love can’t fix. He kept falling in love with people who weren’t yet ready for it, and all they ever did was break his heart. He always blamed himself for not loving them enough, or not loving them the right way.

He led a life of anguish and died at a young age of unknown reasons. They found him curled up in his bed, resting his head on a pillow still wet from tears. His heart had suddenly stopped, and no one could figure out a reason why.

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