Written on February 24th, 2012.

I sat down in front of my computer one night and just started typing. This is what I wrote.



People tend to underestimate death.

I find it hard to comprehend how we manage to go about our lives without contemplating death each and every waking moment. We somehow forget the awesome power it wields and its infinite resources. I think it’s amazing how we manage not to die each time we step outside, or anywhere else for that matter, at absolutely any given time. Do you realize just how many chances there are that we might die right this very instant, as I’m writing this or as you’re reading it? You may be in the comfort of your own home right now, sitting at your desk, doing something not even remotely out of the ordinary and there are literally millions, billions, and other such ‘ions’ of chances that you might die. Add to that the fact that there are an infinite number of ways in which you can die and I’d say that the fact that you have gotten this far in reading this and you’re still alive is a goddamn miracle.

You could literally just lie on your couch and there’s a chance that a freaking comet might come bursting through your window and smashing you to pieces. Okay, the chances of that happening are astronomically small, but they’re still there! The chances are still there, it could still happen, however extremely improbable! Or a wild animal could kill you. You could be living in New York and get attacked by a cheetah the next time you go outside. By some unbelievable, ridiculous means, a cheetah could manage to somehow end up roaming freely on the streets of New York and it could rip your head off while you’re waiting for the light at the corner of Jay’s and Leno’s (or some other streets that aren’t made up on the spot). Stranger things HAVE happened in the world, so who’s to say that this won’t happen and who’s to say that it won’t happen to you? Kind of puts life in perspective, doesn’t it?

You could barricade yourself in an underground bunker, all by yourself, with absolutely nothing else in the room and motherfucking Obama could come crashing through the wall with a baseball bat, ready to crack your head open for who knows what ridiculous reason. You could be having sex with your girlfriend in your apartment on the sixth floor and a bike could swoop in through the window and somehow gruesomely kill you both. It’s impossible to imagine how someone could ever die by such apparently ridiculous and highly improbable means, but that’s exactly why death is so awesomely powerful! It has infinite resources and an imagination that we humans could never even begin to comprehend. It’s THAT powerful. You never think that that second in which you slowed down a little just to check that girl’s ass could have awful consequences, like you being shot with a fucking rocket in the face. “Oh, no, no way that’s ever going to happen to me, because I’m so smart and all-knowing”, and the next thing you know, you’re being splattered all over the guy selling hot dogs on the corner of the street three blocks down from the park in the adjacent neighborhood.

Anyway, the point is… crap; I think one of the nurses saw me. God, they’re awful; always forcing me to swallow those stupid, useless pills, as if I need them or something. Oh, ok, yeah, she saw me and she’s gathering up those other atrocious nurses to try and stop me. Good thing I locked the door, or else oH FCK i FRGOTjnfdEH :fbd cxdsxf42

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