Diana (The Witch)

You’d be hard-pressed to walk by Diana without her catching your eye, but there’s far more to her than her powerful allure. You see, Diana’s got a secret; a secret life beyond what she lets on. Diana’s a pagan witch, wouldn’t you know it.

You may ask what that entails, but she won’t quite reveal the extent to which she witches. Even if she did, you’d be forgiven if all you could do was tilt your head and squint. What’s certain is that she is never alone. Although life hasn’t been the kindest to her and she’s never been able to meaningfully connect with someone quite to the extent that she’d like to, Diana can always bend the ear of various deities and spirits for advice, favors, and protection. She doesn’t take her powers for granted, though, and takes great care to use them responsibly.

However, it’s not her witchy ways that make Diana special, it’s her kind heart and caring soul. If you’re not careful, she will easily and even unwillingly put you under her spell as soon as you look into her soulful eyes and gaze upon her charming smile. Also hear her laugh and you’ll never be the same again. She’s the kind of witch you’d have over for dinner, wine, and candlelit tarot readings under a warm blanket.

She’s not perfect, though. She is unfortunately plagued by sweaty palms, but she doesn’t really mind it. Some find it endearing, those who are lucky enough to ever hold her hand.

One of a kind, one in a century, one among the stars, Diana is one with the Universe, and one you won’t soon forget.

Teodora thinks she’s bad at writing descriptions for her drawings, so we thought I might be able to help with that.

This time she felt like drawing a witch, and coincidentally, I happen to actually know one.

For more wonderful drawings, follow her on Instagram @teoctobart.

For more stories, Teodora’s got her own tag here.

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