I Want to Play a Game With You

I want to play a game with you, a game of love and daggers, of happiness and euphoria, of lies and deceit.

I want us to throw caution to the wind, to disregard all rules and conventions, to make peace only to stab each other in the back moments later. I want us to live through each other’s eyes and spend countless hours in each other’s arms, making plans for the rest of our lives. I want us to call ourselves each other’s everything and fantasize about smothering each other with pillows in our sleep.

I want to crave your danger and fear for my life on the battlefield that is our life together. I want us to find bliss in each other’s eyes and float on the sound of each other’s voices. I want to get high on your touch and live on the warmth of your breath on my neck.

I want to play a game of Heaven and Hell with you. Your move.

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