Olivia & Emily (Kismet #6)

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It’s now been a little over a year since Olivia and Emily left the farm and moved to the city. Emily’s freshman year of college has been amazing, “everything [she] was hoping it would be,” and Olivia’s had a rough run of it getting used to this life, but she finally feels comfortable nowadays.

They’ve both been busy lately with their own lives, but everyone’s getting together at Mark and Olivia’s tonight and Mark’s cooking for them. Emily’s bringing Taylor. She hasn’t yet told Olivia about how her friendship with Taylor is actually a lot more than that, but she’s planning on getting her alone tonight and telling her the truth. She’s a bit nervous, although she’s not sure why. It’s more about it being her first relationship than anything else.

Olivia’s been wondering what Emily wants to talk to her about, but she suspects she’ll finally tell her about Taylor. At this point, it hasn’t been a mystery for a while, but she decided to let Emily tell her on her own terms. She is immensely proud of her little sister and the person she’s become. Olivia thinks that tonight might also be a good time to tell Emily about “the thing.”

Emily and Taylor arrive, and everyone gets seated at the table. Mark lays out the plates, the flatware, and the glasses. “Oh,” exclaims Emily, “I brought something you’ll love!” She goes to get her bag. “What is it,” asks Olivia. “Oh, nothing, just your favorite wine” says Emily all excited as she holds up a bottle of wine. “Here, let me pour you a glass.”

“Oh, uhm, that’s great but I… think I’ll just have some water.”

This is one of many short stories I’ve been writing for Teodora’s drawings ever since she said she was bad at writing descriptions for them. I thought I’d enjoy helping her and trying to write something different than I was used to. I’d never collaborated creatively with anyone on anything before Teodora and I love the purpose she’s added to my writing and how she challenges me with each drawing.

And here we are with the final entry in the ‘Kismet’ series. It was fun writing alternating stories for Olivia & Emily and fleshing them out rather than doing one-offs like we normally do. We were talking about doing one or two more about Celine, too. Maybe soon. 👀

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For more stories, she’s got her own tag here.

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