Close Your Eyes

Let’s try a little exercise.

Begin by closing your eyes. No, not yet, you doofus!

Begin by closing your eyes right after you finish reading this post. Think of a place you knew well as a child, a place that holds memories for you, a place you’d like to visit again. Try visualizing yourself visiting that place from your own perspective, as if you were a child again and going back to that place. As you walk around, notice your surroundings, notice the little details you didn’t know were still in your head. Listen; what can you hear? Breathe in; what does it smell like? Interact with something, remember how it felt when you touched it and the sound it made (if any). Is there anyone else there? What are they doing? Are they saying something? Are you having a conversation?

Explore and see how far you can go and how much you can remember (be careful, though).

Are you done? Tell me that wasn’t amazing.

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