The Ties That Bind Us

I’ve been meaning to write this for about three months now, but I never really felt ready for it. Now I have what I need.


The Ties That Bind Us

He stared out at the city lights, contemplating everything and everyone he was leaving behind. He deeply regretted the impact it would have on them, but he felt there was no other way he could go on. Some would later say he was disturbed, others would say it was the world who was disturbed and drove him to it. No one would perhaps fully understand his reasons, but it didn’t bother him. His heart had died long ago and he was exhausted from living like a shadow in a world with no sunlight. He was now alone and at peace with his decision. He had come to terms with where life had led him.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a few seconds. In a brief moment of silence when there were no cars passing behind him, he heard a faint sigh of relief. He opened his eyes and looked to his left. There she was; a total stranger, standing beside him. He studied her, confused and curious. Where had she come from? Had she been there all along? How did he not notice her before? After a moment, he realized what she was doing. Suddenly, he wasn’t alone anymore.

She was just like him, and she was going to accompany him. They looked in each other’s eyes and there was no need for words; everything was clear. Now they had someone else who understood them and shared their feelings. They were happy to be together, even in these unusual circumstances. Smiling, he reached out to her and she grabbed his hand with no hesitation. They looked at each other one last time before closing their eyes and taking a deep breath. They held tightly onto each other’s hand and it was over before they knew it.

Now they were at peace, together.

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