Serena’s had a difficult day; her car wouldn’t start and she had to take a cab to work, she spilled coffee on her dress as she was stepping out of the cab, her boss was all over her because she hasn’t sold more than five dresses all week, and to top it all off, she just spotted Don, who said he’d be working late, at a restaurant downtown having dinner with the girl from work he’d told Serena “not to worry about.”

She’s not sure what disgusts her more, his betrayal, or the fact that they’re sharing a pineapple pizza.

Teodora thinks she’s bad at writing descriptions for her drawings, so we thought I might be able to help with that.

She said she didn’t like pineapple pizza, even though she’d never tried one. She did the next day and now thinks they’re “decent,” although she’s “not crazy about pizza” in general.

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