Year Ten

Another year gone by and here we are again at Clueless HQ, 10 years since I first started this blog and almost 3 years since its revival.

This place has been a lot more active in the past year and it’s been a great comfort in many times of need. I’ve never been happier to have Dunno than I have in these past twelve months.

The most significant development has been my collaboration with Teodora 🍓, writing short stories for her beautiful drawings and challenging each other to push our limits. Additionally, we’ve also started our own webcomic called Throes of Life, which you can find on Instagram. We’re both very excited about it and eager to see where we take it and where it will take us.

As always, check out Dunno’s sister site as well, The Gallery of Me, which also has an Instagram account.


In its first years, I called Dunno a companion for my soul and a playground for my mind. I couldn’t describe it any better even after all these years.

I am still as lost as ever but at least I am not alone.

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