The Villains in Our Love Story

Any good love story needs to have drama, intrigue, passion, and betrayal. It’s what the readers will expect; they don’t want to read about people’s perfect lives, they want to read about pain and loss, they want to read about people who mess it all up and in the name of love go to great lengths and endure many hardships to save a relationship that seemed completely lost.

People want to read about other people enduring the pain of losing someone they loved and overcoming their grief. They want to see our worlds burn around us, so that they can hope for our love to rise up from the ashes. They want us to suffer, so that they can rejoice with us when we find each other once more. They want to shed a tear of happiness for the unstoppable force that is love, they want us to suffer so that we can again find happiness with each other, because this will give them faith and hope that they too have something just as strong with their significant others.

If the people want us to suffer, suffer we shall. I have run amok through our lives and thrown all manner of challenges before us. I have pushed each of us to the very edge and bathed in the readers’ appreciation for the chaos in our lives. They are absolutely ensnared and loving every minute that we destroy everything we held dear.

But then I went too far. In a drunken haze, as I was engulfed in our pain, I decided to write villains into our love story. The readers loved it, some even started rooting for the villains. But now I’m afraid that this is too much. I’ve written myself into a corner and I can’t get out. I need to save us and try as I might, I haven’t been able to find a way to undo the damage I’ve done. I look at you and yearn for a way to make amends, but I’ve pushed you so far away that even if you could, I’m not sure you’d want to find your way back to me. I obsess over our love story every single day and as much as I’ve poured my heart and soul into fixing this, I am afraid that I might have irreparably broken us. I would spend a thousand days and a thousand nights writing if I knew it would lead to a solution. I don’t believe in any gods, but I pray every day for a deus ex machina to save us.

I should’ve been more careful. To Hell with the readers! I hope you can forgive me for the mess I’ve made. I got lost along the way, but I am here now. I will always be here, writing; thinking of a way to reunite us.

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