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You Are the Only Wonder That You Seek

Fear not, my morning dew, it all looks bleak, but that’s just you.
You’ve come too far to just let go, you’ve fought too much to just stay down.
Now is not your time, you have yet to share all your joy with the world, and the world needs you more than ever.
You must rise and you must push, there’s so much left for you to do.

“Will you help me see it through?”

No, my lullaby, I cannot help you if you lack the will to help yourself.
But should you stumble, I will be by your side, and should you fall, let yourself fall over me.
I cannot do anything for you that you will not do for yourself, my cherry tree, but I won’t ever leave you as you try.
Whenever you lack courage, I will be there to point it out within you.
Whenever you feel like giving up, I will remind you of everything you stand to gain if you fight on.
Whenever life becomes too burdensome, I will tell you forgotten tales of past battles that you have won.
I am not here to mend your wings, my little dove, but I can be the breath on which you soar.
I am not here to mend your soul, but I can wipe away your tears so that you may wield the tools to mend yourself.
I am but a crutch, my mountain peak, and you are the only wonder that you seek.

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