There is a point of infinite denseness and heat. It is everything and nothing condensed into an infinitesimally small singularity. It is light and darkness, it is deafening roars and dead silence. Until it decides it wants to be more.

It bursts into an inconceivably loud and wondrous expansion lasting mere fractions of a second but determined enough that it creates existence as we know it. Billions of degrees rushing across the vastness of nothingness. Time is birthed, and over hundreds of thousands of years, atoms scatter throughout this cosmic soup in every possible direction in numbers that defy layman’s comprehension. Of all those atoms, a quirky one feels curious. It yearns for adventure. Its journey across existence lasts for billions of years, until it decides to settle on one of the big round objects that are just lying around. A few hundred million years later after exploring this object, it decides it wants to become life, and so a new journey begins.

Billions of years later, Alina’s enjoying her favorite gas station coffee, squinting in the sunlight as she pulls out her sunglasses and puts them on. Along with seven octillion of its peers, that quirky atom has found its favorite home.

This particular portrait was a personal request and Teodora did an amazing job. 🍓

For more wonderful drawings, follow Teodora on Instagram @teoctobart. You can also buy her a coffee on her Ko-fi page.

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