Life Is Complicated

Today, my life may change forever. It’s an odd feeling, isn’t it? Going to sleep at night knowing that tomorrow morning your future may change in ways you’ve never thought of is kind of scary. You’ve never thought about the possibility perhaps because it’s something so unexpected and surprising, or because you never wanted to imagine such a thing happening. Nonetheless, it’s scary when you know it may change your life for the worse or if you have no idea what the outcome will be like.

I somewhat – but not really – take comfort in the idea that every single day or moment is just as essential, however mundane they may be, we just don’t realize it. There are endless ways in which your life can forever change at any given moment, but we just aren’t aware of the enormous impact certain events will have on us or might have had on us if we had chosen a different path. Just by reading this, your life has inevitably changed forever, you just don’t know in what ways, because you can’t; no one can.

Life is complicated and I think trying to understand it will reveal horrifying things that no one really wants to know.

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