The Missing Kiss

The Missing Kiss


Ever since he was a little boy, Timothy was told the only way he would ever be happy in life is if he found The Kiss. As a young boy, he never really understood the meaning of what he had been told. He did not understand why he would ever need The Kiss, life seemed to work just fine without it.

As Timothy grew and became a man, his heart grew with him and demanded more things to fill the extra space with. He did not understand at first what was happening to him, why he spent each day hovering outside his body and everything seemed all doom and gloom. One day, as he sat in the park, he happened to see a couple kissing. As their lips parted ways, they began to form smiles. Timothy recognized their facial expressions as happiness and fulfillment. That’s when he remembered; The Kiss was what his heart was begging for. He stood up and knew what he had to do now.

In his search for The Kiss, Timothy encountered many impostors and began to lose hope in ever finding it. He never thought it would be so difficult and started wondering if maybe he was the problem. Maybe he had already found it, but was unable to recognize it out of his own foolishness. He kept trying and trying, but to no avail. His hope died with the passing of the years, little by little, until it was no more.

As a last effort, he decided to give it one more shot; one more kiss for the sake of trying. He would either find it, or not; either way, it would put an end to his search once and for all. He’d give up searching. He looked high and low for someone who could give him reason to think that they might be the one, and he succeeded. For the first time since he had begun his quest for The Kiss, he found someone who he felt completed him in ways no one had ever done before. His heart was telling him that he had found the one, but there was one more thing he needed to do before he could know for sure.

As they kissed for the first time, Timothy realized it was over.

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